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Just by entering a room you can catch it from someone, even if they left hours before. Guatemalan boy's death is a national travesty that should be investigated. And that is precisely what we're not seeing at the moment, both in the United States and the world over; after years of steady decline, the number of measles cases has in the last year increased by nearly a third, with the number of deaths rising from 90, to ,, again mainly children. In , as of December 1, there have been confirmed cases in 26 US states and the District of Colombia. In North America and Europe, the most common reason is vaccine hesitancy.

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That doesn't just mean refusing to have one's child vaccinated. In some countries, including the United States, parents are delaying their children's vaccinations, perhaps because they believe in immunization but are worried by some of the anti-vaccine scaremongering. This needs to stop. What these parents may not realize is that this not only puts their own child at risk, but also other children.

By contributing to low coverage, this effectively creates a window of opportunity for the virus, helping to perpetuate its existence, and not just locally but globally too.

8 Gifts Your Grown Children Will Truly Appreciate

Kohn: I regret not vaccinating my kid That's not an exaggeration. Measles can travel from country to country as fast as a jet plane. Outbreaks in the United States can be caused by unvaccinated people traveling overseas to poor countries where measles vaccine coverage is lower and bringing the virus home, but equally the opposite is true; diseases can be spread from wealthy nations.

In , the medical journal The Lancet reported an example of this when Latin America, a region that had previously eliminated measles, experienced outbreaks caused by imports from Europe.

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Today, measles cases are now common almost all over the world -- but the point here is that while measles is one of the few diseases we could potentially eradicate, that will never happen if wealthy countries like the United States can't maintain herd immunity. Because a measles case anywhere is a threat everywhere. Stay up to date The celebration not only depicts the happiness of children but to intensify the awareness of the rights, care, and education of children.

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The whole day is about fun and boosting the morale of children. Children day is one of the amazing occasions when it comes to celebrating the essence of childhood. Are you missing being the little kid who can play, jump and shout out loud or dance in the rain?

Getting your child vaccinated is a gift to others

Probably, everyone does this. We all miss being a kid. We assume that we have grown up and now there is no scope for the same old madness. We begin bothering our actions and this nonchalantly sneaks in our behavior at the time passes.

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So, we recommend you to let yourself blow up the edge this 14th November. This might sound absurd.

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However, it would enliven your soul which you left under the folds of time. This 14th November let the kid inside you, come out and sing out louder and louder. You can perform so many things for yourself.

Our top gifts for 6-year-olds

Just do whatever you love to do in your childhood days. For example, drawing, singing, dancing, eating sweets, chocolates or teasing your siblings. This will enable them to provide better for their children and eventually break the vicious cycle of poverty. Milch animal for a family Rs. The milch animal will be a source of nutritious milk to the children. Also the surplus milk can be sold for income.

The young ones can also be sold for additional income. Safe Drinking Water for a School Rs. Children miss out on school hours since they need to travel long distances to fetch water. A gift of safe drinking water will protect families from deadly diseases and will also help keep children in school.

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Wash Kit for 75 Children Rs. WASH Water, Sanitation and Hygiene kit contains essentials like tooth paste, tooth brush, antiseptic soap and other hygiene items. Your gift will ensure that children maintain a good personal hygiene. Toilet for a family or a school Rs. Providing toilets, plus hygiene education, will prevent diseases and provide much desired dignity and privacy to the adolescent girls. Organic seeds for a family Rs. Organic seeds help a family grow nutritious vegetables.

The entire family including children will have a regular supply of good and nutritious food. This will also help the family earn income by selling the excess vegetables. Nutrition for 3 Lactating Mothers Rs. Your gift will help provide nutrition support for a period of 6 months to mothers having children below 2 years. The supplement includes wheat, rice, soyabean oil, dal and any type of grams based on the project location. Tree Plantation for 10 families Rs.

Your gift of tree plantation and hedges will help protect the environment. APR 25, Hundreds upon hundreds of small, white shelters line up in straight rows,