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Mason, a werewolf, has been alone since his mate died centuries ago, when Serenity, a vampire, comes into his life and wreaks havoc with it. She is driving him crazy, and in the end, he feels that his internal mechanism that can balance good and evil just might be enough to make this relationship work. Gabriela is used to staying close to home and protecting both it and her heart, and when she meets Ryder she automatically thinks that he might be different from the rest.

Can these two forget all about the past and finally be together? When Dante attacks the blood bank in a hospital because he is literally in need of blood, it is ER nurse Erin who catches him.

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She knows that she should turn him into the authorities, but for some reason, this attractive, enigmatic young man melts her heart instead. Dante tries to control his urges, but it becomes difficult because he has just escaped from the captivity that held him prisoner for years. Which one of them will win in the end, or will it be both of them? When Bryn dreams that her entire family is killed, she awakes and believes that it is actually a premonition and not just a dream. When she meets sexy Dureau, she has to remind herself that she has sworn off men, but between this new stranger and Sinjin, a man who has already shown an interest in her, what is she to do?

And how does her dream and the arrival of Dureau play into these scenarios? This is an exciting, fast-paced novel that centers on the story between Ronan, a vampire who has landed in a world where vampires are hidden and where evil still exists, and Faith, the woman he finds after seeing her in his dreams for centuries. Of course, the evil is about to touch both of them, and their attraction to one another might night be enough to thwart it.

This novel is sexy, action-filled, hot, and fast, from the first page to the last. Kayla and Zak, her vampire lover, have a sometimes passionate, sometimes tumultuous relationship. They are both stubborn and determined not to let the other one get to them, but that is looking more and more impossible to do. This is a funny, sexy story that gives you a lot to look forward to, and regardless of what happens in their relationship, it is certain to leave you wanting more.

When Raffaele pulls a half-dressed woman out of the ocean, he is immediately smitten with her.

Jess is a target of the rogue vampires who are going around biting tourists, but until then, she never even believed in vampires. Trixie knows that magic is real and shifters really do exist. She thinks that he has a few loose screws in his head, while he is trying to figure out how she can be so beautiful. She is intent on making his eternity a true hell, until they discover that they have a common enemy, which changes things more than either of them is ready for.

Samantha is a PI with a magic sword and a case that involves finding her elusive attacker. When a woman trusts her future to a vampire, she has a difficult choice to make.

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When a vampire comes along and promises to give her back the life she once had, she has to accept the fact that this aloof vampire may be her only way out of her predicament, or is he? But when the vampires decide to build up their family again, Kristian is forced to believe that bringing Tessa back will be detrimental to the group, and when he finds out that they know where Tessa is, he decides to try to protect her, even though that can mean betrayal to the rest of the vampires.

But how can he stay away from her, when all he does is think of her day in and day out? When he meets her, he is immediately attracted to her, but since she is naturally wary of vampires, she looks the other way. When Roric finds out that her attacker wants her, too, he decides to fight even harder to get her for his own.

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If you like steamy tension and sexy vampires, this book will not disappoint. When he finally goes to locate her and bring her back, sparks fly immediately, but can their relationship withstand these strong love-hate feelings between them? Amelie is from a family filled with slayers who are constantly venturing out to slay the evil.

Ethen is smitten with Amelie, and she tries not to return those feelings, mainly because she has been taught not to trust vampires, but she needs his help to save her best friend, so she does what must be done. Bailey is on the run from her enemies when she meets a vampire named Erick, who promises to keep her safe from harm. But sparks ignite the moment they meet, and it is only then that they realize that their lives are in more danger than ever before. Vampire king Alexander has been eliminating humans for a long time, and Ariana has always been convinced that there is no such thing as a good vampire.

Alexander is determined to prove her wrong, but when his wife comes back into the picture with a vengeance and the determination to claim everything that is hers, including Alexander, she sets her sights on removing Ariana first and foremost, which means that it is up to Alexander to save her from this fate. Filled with heart-racing actions and enough battles to keep everyone happy, this is the story of the Shadians and their attempts to fight the end of the world, literally.

Join Ben, Rose, and the rest of the team, as they fight ahead to prevent the world from ending so that both sides can move on from there. Dakota is stolen as a child and promised to a vampire on her 18th birthday. She quickly falls in love with him, but since it is an arranged marriage, Dakota decides to wait for him to touch her first.

Jane Doe wakes from a coma after being left for dead in the woods and cannot remember anything that happened. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes once again, and when it does, her gorgeous but mysterious next-door neighbor comes to her aid. This is the story of Quinn, a vampire who wants to get rid of the ruler of Ireland so that both vampires and humans have a chance to live. Eve is someone who never thought much about vampires until she saw two of them kill her beloved brother. Though reluctant, she eventually agrees to help Quinn get rid of the baddies in the government, but can she do that without falling in love with him?

With her sister and mother missing, Kai decides that she will stop at nothing to rescue them, but as she does, she runs into ghosts, demons, and trackers. As a result, she and her sidekick Logan have a lot to deal with. Everyone in this story has secrets, including Kai, so figuring out how they will all play out keeps the book interesting.

Park has a great life in Los Angeles, despite her rough childhood, until she is car-jacked by someone who is actually a vampire. She finds it fascinating, and when her carjacker, Bas, starts to fall for her, she has mixed feelings indeed. Yes, this old, war-weary vampire is starting to feel things again, which could end up being exactly what both he and Park desperately need.

Escaping Time-A Vampire Love Story

Caleb is a very sexy vampire who decides that he wants Abby, a young lawyer who just moved to Hollywood. Will Caleb be able to continue his feelings for Abby, despite this dark secret, or will it keep them apart forever? Jessica is a witch who is out to find her soulmate, the man who has haunted her dreams for a very long time. She has been afraid that he might be dead, so she is thrilled to learn that he is very much alive and well. After they meet and there seems to be a mutual attraction between them, can she convince him that she is reincarnated and is the love of his life?

This is exactly what Jessica is determined to do, no matter how long it takes. Ara feels crushed and defeated, but Fate still has plans for her. Enter a war, then peace, then many secrets associated with many lives, to name a few. In the end, if Ara is successful, the truth will come out and set everyone free, but at what cost?

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Alanna is destined to be a servant to a vampire master, and she gladly accepts. But when she betrays her master then he disappears, Evan is assigned to protect her until he returns. Both Evan and his servant Niall are a little rough around the edges, but Alanna enjoys her adventures with both of them while the authorities are out looking for the master. When he returns, she is disappointed, and Evan and Niall both fight to make sure that she remains theirs.

Hannah is a coed, a great baker, and also a wolf shifter. When Bennet is assigned to investigate zombie-like monsters who are going around and terrorizing everyone, he meets up with Hannah, and he is immediately smitten. But can he protect her from harm when he, too, is a danger to her? This is a story filled with romance, suspense, and a lot of action, and it is one that you will not soon forget. When Andre happens upon her attack and saves her life, he is immediately smitten with this young, innocent girl.