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Ready to feast on anyone who dares to cross him. Little remains of the man his family knew as Gyro Marchione. He is now an animal. A Werewolf, without conscience or compassion. Dan Carnahan, consumed by an ancient desire to survive beyond the grave, has become the living manifestation of a Mummy.

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Believing he can extend his own life by ripping it away from others. Alida Sibley. Through every twist and turn a showdown is coming. And once again, the Observation Deck of the Empire State Building will be the stage of an epic battle. Read the first page of the novel. Dan is an antique Dealer, Gyro is a a young butcher and Christopher is a 53 y.

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He is a strong, big-bearded fifty-year-old man. He is a man with a heart of gold and at the end of the story he will also be able to understand his mistakes and to repent of those ones. A biology researcher and a friend of Eleanor. In her youth she had in vain tried to establish a lesbian relation with Eleanor.

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She therefore manages to devise diabolical plans to destroy Phil. For this purpose she transforms some of her oblivious patients in bloodthirsty monsters. University Professor of Classical Philology. Fat, in his mid-fifties with thick walrus-like moustache and thinning hair combed back; he looks like a young Wilford Brimley. She is now an elegant, petite, middle-class lady in her sixties. She wears glasses with a golden chain round her neck.

She always sports elegant clothes, very often a dress. Along with Phillip she breeds rats that live in the attic of the villa and in special occasions such as parties she lets them run free in the Villa.


The fine line between her intelligence and her madness is often invisible. Journalist, cinema critic and essayist. He has published several books, among which are :. Dennis Duggan a. The movie received unanimous positive reviews. Phillip Carelli is a living skeleton. Phillip often wears large overcoats, large brim hats, silk vests, rugged jeans and either boots or tennis shoes. He smokes homemade cigarette too. He brought back from the Amazon a tropical bird, a hoatzin, that he has named Kriss and that is his beloved pet.

He loves to be called Dr. He nurtures himself with electricity, sticking his fingers in electric outlets. Funny, sarcastic, unpredictable, lunatic and at times puerile he loves to recreate live actions, sometimes deadly, that have impressed him on screen. He believes that a wave of immorality and collective ass-like behavior — are ruining the world and that his mission should be that to destroy this mayhem.

To achieve this goal he uses the most disparate techniques and with the more or less voluntary aid of Joan and of Professor Tony Seppilli he adventurously, perilously and amusingly fulfills his contemporary executioner role. The material on these sites were reproduced for enjoyment, review and information purposes only.

They have been obtained from public domain libraries on the Internet. Provide legal proof of your right to demand removal. If verified, material will be removed immediately unless permission is given for its use. The unlicensed portrayals of actors living or dead in this presentation are just an indication of the characters physiognomy and are for evaluation purposes only. The same applies for all other representations.

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Liberty and Union Forever. Philadelphia: J. Magee, Armstrong, Charlotte A Dram of Poison. Signed Limited Edition. ISBN: Edition limited to numbered copies, this being Parigi Books 2. Garis, Howard R.

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Zeisloft, E. Idell, ed. New York: D. Appleton and Company, Parigi Books 6. The spectacular emblems from Pia desideria. By Herman Hugo. Parigi Books 9. Dutron, J. Paris: F. First Edition Paris: Isidore Liseux Printed by C.

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Unsinger , The fascinating early s bindings of St. Nicholas Illustrated published by The Century Co.

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