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Join Today. Some experts recommend a hot bath, so your core body temperature drops when you get in bed — and you drop off to sleep. Others suggest a quick cool shower.

4 Cool Tips for Sleeping in a Hot Van - Living in Van Sleeping in 90+ Degrees Summer

Buy the right bedding. Since your body radiates heat, Marcovici advises a bit of separation when possible. If all else fails, chill your pulse points. Hi Briana Thanks for your suggestion — I quite like that one, at least for the start of the night. Put cool water and a few drops of peppermint essential oil into a spray bottle. Has anyone got any ideas for how to stay cool during the night?

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I already sleep under just a couple of sheets, have a fan on the go and sleep naked. I rotate my pillows so I always have a cool one to use. Hi Sally Thanks for your comment. What material is your mattress? You can buy mattress toppers which shift a little of the heat from under you, such as the slumbercloud, which I recommend on this site. Get a blue, cool pillow thing from Asda put it in the fridge leave it and then put it in with you in bed inside your pillow case or on top of your whole pillow over all.

If you get an ice pack and put it under your leg it helps.

It gets you body cold and you can fall asleep very fast. Make sure the ice pack is in a sandwich bag or in some kind of bag. Any ideas for keeping a specific pillow cool?

Too hot to sleep? Here’s how to stay cool in bed

Hi Logan Have you tried the slumbercloud cooling pillowcases? Might help a little with your favorite pillow. Hi Thanks for your suggestion. I agree that less clothing is a good thing. And clothing that can bunch up and trap more warm air is best to avoid. Hi there Wearing as little, and light, as possible is the best way to keep cool where bed clothing is concerned.

If you get icy water and lightly spray it on the sheets it does amazing its saved me so many times in the summer. To lower the body temperature before you go to bed, wet some face towls in very cold water, wringle them out and them put them under your armpits.

Perfect Sleep Environment

This will lower your body temperature very rapidly. Hi Amparo Thanks for your comment and suggestion. I might try this one this evening and see if it does help or not. Hi Jackie Thanks for your comment and suggestion. I quite like that one, so will add it to the list now! You can also fill a bag with ice, wrap it in a cloth and put it in your pillow.

Hi Bethany Thanks for your comment. It might feel good because of the effect it has on your blood circulation. Using ice can help — as long as the bag has no leaks! One of the ways to keep bedrooms cool is by placing shade cloth against the outside walls, the walls that get the afternoon sun. The shade cloth is left on during the summer months.

We found that the bricks heat up during the day, so by leaving the windows open at night for cool air, all we got was hot air, heat from the bricks. Hi Martyn Thanks for your comment and excellent suggestion! But if it can be done, I can see how it could help. Hi there Thanks for your comment and interesting suggestion.

How to Stay Cool While Sleeping - National Sleep Foundation

Personally, I find just a quick rinse in cold water in the shower or bath before getting into bed works wonders though. Hi there Thanks for your comment. Actually, getting your body temperature down before bed is a good idea. Not sure about the ice bucket challenge as a sleep technique though… Regards Ethan. Polyester fleece makes a great material for hot nights.

It also retains a dry feel if it gets soaked with sweat, rain, or humidity.

Grab a fleece blanket at a big-box store, or try this rectangular sleeping bag made from the material. Your normal tent may also be inadequate for hot weather. How can you maximize air flow while still keeping rain off? A simple tarp strung between trees, above head height, is ideal. Because of bugs, setting up in a wind-free hollow is a bad idea, but because of lightning, camping on an exposed hilltop is even worse. Face your tent door into the breeze.

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The New England Journal of Medicine found a concentration of One problem DEET does have is that it can reduce the effectiveness of sunscreen by up to one-third. Try to apply your sunscreen at least 20 minutes before DEET to minimize its effect. Bean calls its line No Fly Zone, for example, but all work by impregnating the clothes with permethrin. You can also spray permethrin onto any clothing or camping gear.

Before Bed:

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